Years - Digital Release - 1/15/16

Hear ye, hear ye! After a ridiculous delay due to circumstances beyond our control (band glares menacingly at certain corporation...), we are excited to announce that you can now purchase a copy of our new album, Years, from the digital music retailer of your choice. The album is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and right here on our very own website. Along with your album download, you'll receive a digital copy of all of the artwork that will accompany the physical copies of the album.

Speaking of which, our vinyl release should be available very soon as well! We expect to receive the records themselves any day now and the cover jackets and inserts will be following shortly. Once we have everything together, we'll be packing up the records to ship to all of you who've pre-ordered or selected a physical copy as a perk from our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you again to our IndieGoGo supporters who helped make this happen!