Test Pressings Approved & Cookin!

After getting a second bad batch of test pressings from the vinyl mastering & pressing company in LA with whom we were originally working, we made the decision to start the entire process over. This original company made this decision very easy by being generally awful to work with. If you would like to press to vinyl, we do not recommend them (contact us for suggestions). Even though they initiated the offer of a refund, they made it extremely difficult for us to get our money back. After consulting with some friends in the entertainment law business, we stated our case and got almost a full refund.

Working with our new pressing company, Record Technology Inc, has been nothing short of amazing. They have fantastic customer service and have been very responsive. Golden Mastering, our new mastering partners, did an excellent job as well. They took care of us right away, gave us lacquer references before the plating process, and made everything sound even better!

We're happy to say we approved the first round of test pressings from these two companies (so third round overall...), and are waiting patiently for the final product. We'll have it in your hands as soon as humanly possible!

Before releasing our digital release to the general public, we were waiting on a correction to our information in some of the online databases. After months of having our name listed incorrectly (and therefore our record being very difficult to find), we're happy to report that those issues have been resolved! Stay tuned for the official digital release of "Years."

It's been a long time comin'. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way!